Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Hi everyone,

Popping in this Father's Day to share the cards I made for my Dad and my husband for Father's Day.

My Dad truly is a wonderful father who has never been afraid to tell his kids that he loves them. He's also very encouraging, telling me that I'm doing a good job as a mom. He is probably the one person who does this more than anyone else and it means so much to me and really does help keep me going. My Dad also has a way of sensing when things aren't 'good' and can draw your struggles out of you (whether you want to share or not). Hee. ;)

Anyways, before I share the card I made for him I thought I'd share my favourite picture of the 2 of us together when I was 2 yrs old.

And here's the card I made for him. The stamps are Hero Arts and the library card is really a library card. (My Mom got a bunch and gave some to me). I'm writing this post on Wednesday night and still have to get the gift card I've planned for it so I put another card in the pocket for now.

Love you Dad! Happy Father's Day!

My husband is also a wonderful father to our 4 kids. He lets them be much more daring and independent than I do, which is a good thing... gives some balance to my being over protective. ;) He's quicker to go out with ALL 4 of them than I am. He's better at tickling them and all that good stuff. He's just the dad they need. :)

Here's a picture of him with all four kids taken about 4 years ago:

Yep, we have our hands full! ;)

Here's the Father's Day card I made for him:

Thanks everyone for popping by. I hope today is a day for you to celebrate rather than one full of sadness. Thinking of those of you who don't have happy 'dad' memories or only have memories to hold onto. Hugs.