Monday, May 9, 2011

Christmas Reject

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd pop by and share one of my rejects from the Paper Crafts 'Holiday Cards & More' call. I was fortunate to have some things picked up for the issue but here's my favourite reject:

I thought it'd be fun to stick a candy cane on the card and am happy with how it turned out. Part of me is glad it wasn't picked up... I'd be worrying away about the candy cane breaking in the mail or while waiting for it's picture to be taken. I've tucked it away in my stash and will be sure to give it to someone special (and local) at Christmas. I had a very different one with 2 candy canes on it that I wasn't all that thrilled with and happily took it apart so the kids could split the candy. ;)

Anyways, I'm glad it's no where near Christmas. I'm enjoying the warmth and sunshine we're FINALLY getting. Puts me in such a happy mood. :) The fact that we're down to the last few subjects with our homeschooling helps too. ;)

Hope everyone's having a great week too!